FREE Escape the Bootstrap Trap Training Guide and Checklist

Escape the Bootstrap Trap Training Guide and Checklist 
Download this Training Guide for Entrepreneurs with a Clear Step-by-Step Checklist for How to Get the Cash You Need to Grow your Business Without Maxing Out Your Credit Card or Draining Your Personal Savings.
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In this "Escape the Bootstrap Trap" Training Guide and Checklist you'll find:

How to get the cash you need to grow your business so you can stay true to your mission and goals without putting your personal assets at risk. Jenny reveals three secrets:

  • How to raise money for your business without losing control or sacrificing what’s important to you!     
  • How to quickly identify the right investors and avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong ones;    
  • What makes you and your business attractive to the right investors.     

Along with the guide and checklist, you’ll receive an invitation to the FREE breakthrough training – "Escape the Bootstrap Trap" – a webinar event that will take you even further along your journey towards freedom for you and your business.

Hi, I'm Jenny Kassan,
Expert Funding Attorney & Entrepreneur

I love working to help businesses succeed.  As a lawyer and advisor, I have helped my clients raise millions of dollars, as well as raising several hundred thousand for my own business. My focus is on business start-up, entity structuring to preserve mission, enterprise finance, securities regulation, investment crowdfunding, nonprofit law, and cooperatives.

This guide and checklist I'm giving you today will help direct you quickly along a proven path of getting the cash you need to grow your company.


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